Somethings Never Change ~ Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Sea Star Seafoods at Swims Point, Clark’s Harbour, Cape Sable Island. While sitting and Knitting a pair of socks from my own custom colour wool, “West Head Cranberries”, waiting to be unloaded, I noticed on the loading dock, shrink wrapped and palletized, was many 40lbs lots of Salt Cod in “Wooden Boxes” … I had no idea they still existed and are still being used to ship salt fish to the USA, and possibly much further. As I’m sitting there Knitting away, I thought of the little wooden box I had taken from my Parents home after they passed on that said “EAT FISH FOR HEALTH” … Then I started to think of how some people have been Knitting with Briggs & Little Wool that has been around since 1857. The house I live into was built in 1865, and Salt Fish has been being cured, probably since the first fish was ever caught from Our salty briny oceans … And never mind the raw wooden boxes that the fish would be stored in, to protect, preserve, and ship to many places all over the World. So wheels started turning with me, and I knew I had to have one for My Yarn Shop, for display reasons. So up to the office I head, and ask the lady at the desk, could I purchase one. I told her what for, she immediately connected me to my shop in Lockeport, and kindly asked a young man if he would get me one from a warehouse across the driveway where they actually still build them on site. I was tickled pink as she gave the box to me, knowing that My House, My Shop, My Custom Wools, and now My Fish Boxes would all be joined together, as they should be for Histories Sake and for the Stories they all have behind them. Just as technology advances, it’s so nice to see that “Somethings Never Change” and to the Kindness of “The Lady” who was so generous in giving me a piece of History that will be cherished forever !

Here is The 1st “Lockeport Celebration Ball” ~ HandKnit from Our Custom Wools : “Locke’s Island Lobster”, “West Head Cranberries” & “Lockeport Greenwave” ~ I fell in Love with #ARNE & CARLOS Books this Year & Have Enjoyed The Scandinavian Knitting Patterns that they Design ~ Drop By #Becky’s KNIT & YARN Shop & Gather Up All of The Supplies … Book, Wool, Needles & Carded Roving to Complete Many of These Great Little Heirloom Treasures ~ They Become Very Addictive to Knit !

It’s A “Knitty” Type of Snow Stormy Day ~ “Signature Jungle Socks” on The Needles … Many Colour Combinations Get Carefully Picked Out & Married Together to Create a “One-of-a-Kind” High Boot Socks ~ Never To Be Duplicated. I Have Knit Many Pairs of These, and Am Continually Trying To Get a Few Pairs Ahead To Have on Display at Becky’s Knit And Yarn Shop ~ I Love Knitting Them & Enjoy When Sock Lovers Tell Me How Much The Ones They Have Purchased or Received as a Gift, are Appreciated & Worn ~ You Can’t Beat a HandKnit Pair of Socks to Keep Your Piggies Warm ~ Enjoy Your Day / Happy Knitting !

Will you have the “Sand Man” visit with you tonite ? I can remember as a child, Dad saying “You should go to bed now, or the Sand Man won’t be here to bring you a gift for the New Year”. Now, do remember, that at midnight, the sky’s would light up with most every shotgun & rifle in Lockeport & surrounding areas, being used to “Ring in The New Year”. Slight of Dad actually sprinkling sand I’m my eyes to keep them shut, I swear he did something of the sort, as when you would wake the next morning after the Mysterious Soul, “The Sand Man” had made his visit, you would have to pry your eyes open. Was this Tradition, only to keep us little ones in bed, while the parents partied on after a long exhausting holiday, I wonder at times. So … Will the “Sand Man” be visiting your home tonite, as you “Ring in the New Year” … Some traditions never change … HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Have a Healthy & Prosperous 2016 !

The Early Bird Gets The Worm … or ends up going to bed extremely early … I Absolutely Love Early Mornings, as most of You must be able to recognize that by now, with the times my posts appear … Actually I’ve been up since 2:15am this morning. Doing exactly what I enjoy this time of year. Enjoying my Christmas Tree, It’s decorations & lites. Enjoying the company of my 2 sleepy Goldens, Lockie & Levi, at this time of the day, as they then become Very Active. Get some Knitting done, Socks of course & Drink a Little Bit of Coffee, actually quite a bit in My New Favourite Mug, so generously given to me as a Christmas Gift by Amy. “Thank-You” Amy ! You Will See On My Website @, there has been some changes lately. There is no more “Online Yarn Store”. You now can order directly thru me, by sending an email (see tab at top of website page - “Contact”),or call Us at 902 656 3441. We Can Arrange Payment thru a Forced Sale on Your Visa Card or Email Money Transfer. Shipping will be Thru Canada Post, with a Flat Rate Fee of $15. + HST, regardless of the size of the order. Also, Here at The Shop, Our Days of Hairdo’s are Only Monday’s & Tuesday’s, starting at 8:30am until 5pm & Most Likely Later (you can still purchase any Knitting/Crocheting Supplies your little heart desires). Wednesday thru Friday will Be Solely Dedicated To Fibres & Friends, Old & New … 10am until 4pm … We Will Be Hosting “Most” Friday’s, Our “KNIT & YARN Gatherings, but keep checking Our Daily Face Book Posts to ensure there is one happening that week. On Those 3 Days, We Will Be Available to Help You with Your Knitting Issues, Pick out Patterns, Fibres, Needles, Accessories, & Much More … Maybe Even Just Drop By With Your Knitting Project & Have a Stitch or 2 ! We Will Be Posting When We Are Having Special Events Thru Out The Year. The Shop Opens Tomorrow, Tuesday December 29th, for 1 day Only This Week 9-5, for Hairdo’s & Fibre Retail. Next Week We Are Looking Forward To A New Year, With Lots of Changes & Challenges … Oh, and Yes … A New Schedule & Hours ~ Hope To See You All Real Soon !

I’m drinking coffee, Knitting on a sock, as usual, watching a storm brew & roll in … The sky is angry looking, The wind is East / Nor'east 🌀 All is Good, as I am in My Happy 😊 Place … Knitting

Here’s The Old & The New … The Original Door to what use to be The Master Bedroom, now being used for My Online Store ( ) Located at 40 North Street, Lockeport, this is The Location of My Hair Shop Since 1986, and In the Last 4 years, also My Yarn Shop. This House was built in 1856. The Wool Socks that hang on the door are Knit with Briggs & Little Wool, established in 1857 … A lot of History has passed since then, for Briggs & Little, and This House … Somethings Never Change … The Doors Keep Swinging, The Needles Keep Clicking, Briggs & Little Will Continue to Spin Their Original Great Wool We All Like To Use … And Wool Socks Will Never Go Out of Style … 159 Years Later / Circa 2015

“ From Crazy Carpets to Yoga Mats ”
I’m sure many of you reading this blog, that are near my age range, have experienced using a “Crazy Carpet” many years ago during Our Cold Snowy Winter Months. They actually were quite fun, despite the fact they were basically a ridiculously thin piece of plastic/nylon. I don’t know that these still exist, but mine did for many years, until probably I showed no more interest into it & Dad gathered it up to recycle it for some important shelter for his beloved plants in his gardens. When the snow would start falling, you’d get a sudden panic from trying to find all of you outdoor winter wonders, but I always knew where “My Crazy Carpet” was … On the shelf at the bottom of the basement stairs waiting for me. For some reason when you are younger, you never think you are going to get older, and what would it matter anyway. So off you’d go in search of a “Good Hill”, that didn’t have too many older kids on to that would plough right thru, or over you. Then you would proceed to flail this thin piece of plastic onto the frozen ground & hurl your body, usually face down & take off like Batman Savage. Not always the prettiest outcome. As by the time your chin got chaffed from the snow, & your body got knocked around by going over a few rocks, or some other obstacle along your chosen race course, there was usually damage done. But that didn’t stop you until hours would go by and you were so exhausted & cold, you thought you’d never make it home.
I still have “Blue” carpets, but they are known as Yoga Mats (and 1 Pilates). For some reason, and not that blue is my favourite colour, but the theme of “Blue” has stuck with me many years for my recreational gear { including My Necky Kayak }. I certainly do enjoy Yoga, and most everyday, I go to my Yoga Room {which is also now shared with My Online Store} and “flail” out my yoga mat, as I used to do with My Crazy Carpet. The only thing is now I don’t “hurl” my body on to the floor in which the mat rests. I gently get down, in hopes I will be able to get back up by the time I stretch my body out. Life has changed … I now actually think of the repercussions that sudden movements may have to my body’s ability to perform, unlike I did 40 years ago. It seems much more important. As you can see in the pics that I have 3 mats, one being my Cadillac “Yoga” Mat I got last year, one decommissioned from about 20 years of yoga practice & last going off was used as an actual therapy device for My Beloved Golden “Zacharri” when he had his Vestibular Syndrome, and needed to be able to have traction under his dear little aging paws. And the third is My Pilates Mat, in which I combine Yoga & Pilates together most days during my “Peace Time”. Back a few years ago, some of us had the opportunity to meet a young lady by the name of “Julia”, who was a highly trained Pilates instructor. She was Excellent ! I learned a lot to do with the actual breathing and posture techniques from this very talented Soul. She chose a few of us to do a “Posture Analysis” on. It was very interesting how she performed & explained why & what she expected from us … I learned a lot, in which I still find very useful today.
I’m glad that the “Crazy Carpets” came before the “Yoga Mats”, as I may have never had that enlightened & enriched experience, as I sure as Hell probably wouldn’t be going thru those antics today ~ I’ll always Remember My Old Crazy Carpet, the ratted torn edges and half torn off handle. Amazing what will We choose to Remember throughout Our Lives. I guess Winters like this one bring back Old Memories !

I Love to See The Longer Days in March, as there is Hope, Light to Warm Our Souls, that Everything is New Again. The Wind is Blowing Change Into Our Lives, as We All Grow Older Everyday … The Change Maybe Good, Maybe Not … But Life is Changing Everyday for All of Us … When Spring does Finally Arrive, We Can & Should Be Grateful … Enjoy The Longer Days that We Are Now Receiving ~ Get Out & Explore … Take The a Time To Smell The Roses, I Most Certainly Plan To This Year.

I Enjoy The Solitude of Winter, Dark & Cold Outside, Warm & Cozy Indoors … Being able to Knit, Drink Coffee, Be Lazy … Just Be. Enjoy Living in The Moment, Instead of Always Rushing to “Do” The Next Best Thing or Errand That Needs To Be Run. “Live Simple ~ Be Grateful” …

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