“Knitting Is Therapy For The Troubled Spirit” ~ People who do not Knit, do not Understand the Therapeutic Benefits Created from Allowing a Fibre to Flow Softly & Gently Around Your Fingers & Hands, creating Something Useful for Yourself, but Most Times for Someone You Love. Sometimes a Soul Just Knits to Bide Time during Difficulties. It will be 2 years ago, right about now, that Both of My Parents were Failing Desperately, still Living in Their Own Home. I Never left without a Bag filled with Knitting, as I headed out the door, after Receiving Many Calls over the Next Few Months, that … "Something was up, Come Quick", never knowing how long I could be gone, or where I would end up. Many hours between The Winter of 2013, until Christmas of that Same Year, literally Hundreds of Metres of Fibre passed Over & Thru My Hands to “ Get Me Through Troubled Spirited Times. I Knit long before then & Will Always Knit, as I Enjoy The Sense of Peace it Brings Me. I can go to My "Happy Place in My Heart & Mind”, and Reminisce about Many Past Events that Sometimes make Me Laugh, sometimes make Me Cry. Knitting will Always be A Friend to You, as it will Never Walk Away, & it is there when You need it most. The Best Part is, You can take it wherever You go … I Never Leave Home Without My Friend !

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