HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY ~ This is a Valentine Verse that My Dad wrote for My Mother, 41 Years ago today. When I was a young girl, Every Valentine’s Day, My Dad would make his Visit to the Local Pharmacy, then known as The “Rexall Drug Store” & pick out 2 of the “Moirs” Valentine Boxed Chocolate Sets that were so nicely displayed in their front window. Although Mom & Dad kept everything they own pretty much for the almost the 65 years they were Married, this must have been a bit more special to Mom. As when their home was being packed up, in the top of her side of the built in closet, was some of her really good dress gloves & items, along with this particular Valentine Heart … So I kept it. Some of these small tokens mean the most to me these days, now that both of them are gone, as it proves to me how much Love they had for one another throughout the years. Unfortunately, they are both gone, the Rexall Drug store burned down 40 years ago last week & Moirs Chocolate Factory in Halifax no longer exists either … Memories are a Wonderful Thing to Have & sometimes, like this Valentine, that both My Mother & Father had their hands on to, I now can Hold Close to My Heart Forever.

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