HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY ~ This is a Valentine Verse that My Dad wrote for My Mother, 41 Years ago today. When I was a young girl, Every Valentine’s Day, My Dad would make his Visit to the Local Pharmacy, then known as The “Rexall Drug Store” & pick out 2 of the “Moirs” Valentine Boxed Chocolate Sets that were so nicely displayed in their front window. Although Mom & Dad kept everything they own pretty much for the almost the 65 years they were Married, this must have been a bit more special to Mom. As when their home was being packed up, in the top of her side of the built in closet, was some of her really good dress gloves & items, along with this particular Valentine Heart … So I kept it. Some of these small tokens mean the most to me these days, now that both of them are gone, as it proves to me how much Love they had for one another throughout the years. Unfortunately, they are both gone, the Rexall Drug store burned down 40 years ago last week & Moirs Chocolate Factory in Halifax no longer exists either … Memories are a Wonderful Thing to Have & sometimes, like this Valentine, that both My Mother & Father had their hands on to, I now can Hold Close to My Heart Forever.

“Knitting Is Therapy For The Troubled Spirit” ~ People who do not Knit, do not Understand the Therapeutic Benefits Created from Allowing a Fibre to Flow Softly & Gently Around Your Fingers & Hands, creating Something Useful for Yourself, but Most Times for Someone You Love. Sometimes a Soul Just Knits to Bide Time during Difficulties. It will be 2 years ago, right about now, that Both of My Parents were Failing Desperately, still Living in Their Own Home. I Never left without a Bag filled with Knitting, as I headed out the door, after Receiving Many Calls over the Next Few Months, that … "Something was up, Come Quick", never knowing how long I could be gone, or where I would end up. Many hours between The Winter of 2013, until Christmas of that Same Year, literally Hundreds of Metres of Fibre passed Over & Thru My Hands to “ Get Me Through Troubled Spirited Times. I Knit long before then & Will Always Knit, as I Enjoy The Sense of Peace it Brings Me. I can go to My "Happy Place in My Heart & Mind”, and Reminisce about Many Past Events that Sometimes make Me Laugh, sometimes make Me Cry. Knitting will Always be A Friend to You, as it will Never Walk Away, & it is there when You need it most. The Best Part is, You can take it wherever You go … I Never Leave Home Without My Friend !

Watching The Hands ~ I Have a Thing about Watching Hands, especially Knitters, to see how they hold their Needles & Yarn. It can be Very Memorizing to watch a Set of Hands glide along with wool intertwined through out their fingers & see the Stress leave their souls, as they do such a task. I take a lot of Pictures of My Fibre Friends Hands at Work, I call it “Peace” ~ Hands have Stories … Many Stories. For instance, a Mothers Hands ~ How much work they have done to provide for their Loved Ones, be it cooking, cleaning, bathing, gardening, or Knitting a Necessary Pair of Mitts for a Pair of Little Hands To Wear. The Next Time You See a Knitter, Examine their Hands & Think about what Those Hands have Accomplished. Sometimes More Than You Can Ever Imagine … I Will Always Remember My “Mothers” & “Fathers” Hands … I think that’s why I have such a fascination with them, as I think back to all of the times theirs were busy making My Life much easier … And then the day came, they were much weaker & aged … The stories those hands could tell … I Will Never Forget Those Hands …

Yesterday Morning, after Our Website went Live for The World To View, I had Like a Sense of Relief & Peace. It was no Small Under Taking for Anyone Involved. Bryce from Crosbys Creative Communications would Always tell Me, “No worries, it will be fine, & that’s great”, after I would be talking to him about more details of The Website & Online Store. Mind you, I think there were times he felt bad for me & did a lot of extra steps to get me thru my Computer Challenged Brain. I know, if I was to do this all over again, He Would Be The Man I Would Be Calling, after Seeing a Fraction of what goes into a Website, never mind all the Behind the Scenes of Embedding words & Whatnot (things you or I will never see). Now that I have Completed The Next Step of My Journey In Life, There is One Factor that Will Change My Business Forever … The World can now see me more than ever. Even Locals from the Comfort of Their Homes can view what Our Shop has to Offer. We Have Had An Overwhelming Response on FaceBook, since We Went Live & Hope To Hear From Some of You Soon ! Hunker Down for The Storm … Get Your Coffee & Knitting Ready … That’s what I did yesterday after I completed My Final Viewing of Months of Work ~ Enjoy Our Website/Online Store ! P.S. The Shop is Open Today 10-4 … Online Store Is Always Open 7 days a week / 24 hours a day / 365 days of the year 😊

Early on Friday Mornings, I Enjoy the Company of My Quiet Shop. My Shop, many years ago, was The “Front Parlour” of The House, which never got a fraction of the use that it has in the last 30 years, since We have owned it. In the “Front Parlour”, back in The 1800’s & Early 1900’s, the Parlour was Used for Gatherings, but of a Very Different Sort … Happy & Sad ~ Weddings & Funerals. Today, Every Friday, The Parlour now gets Transformed into a Fibre Friends Haven. We Knit, Eat, Laugh, & Sometimes Get Serious about Our Conversations … Hopefully when My Time has Come To Leave This Earth, Someone will continue “The Gatherings” … Possibly of a Totally Different Nature again … any takers ?

On A Wet & Cold Winters Day at The End of January, Here Is A Bouquet of Warm Wool ~ My Favourite, as Wool Stands The Test of Time. I Have a Cable Knit Sweater from Many Moons Ago, like 27 Years +, a Lady From the Street I use to live on, So Generously Hand Crafted for Me. It Has Been Worn & Washed ALOT ! Today is a Great Day to Celebrate “Wool” ~ because You Never can tell, how many years down the road, that The Piece of Your Soul, You So Loving Created will still be around with Many Stories Attached … Enjoy Today

Here is Our Very Own “Locke’s Island Lobster” & “Lockeport Greenwave” 100% Pure Wool ~ There Will Be More Colors To Come in The Future

Almost There!


Well it won’t be too long now & Our latest ambition will be up & running ~ Our “Online Yarn Store”. I have come along way over the last few years with technology in the World of Computers … my friends would say I have. There are just those little details that need to be tweaked & until all are completed to the best of our knowledge, it won’t be going live … so just be patient with us for a bit. We will have lots to offer, when we are up & running. 

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